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PDO Thread Lift – Nonsurgical Facelift

PDO Threads help promote a more naturally youthful look by improving the texture and laxity of the skin by using FDA cleared PDO Threads in Cannula. The PDO Thread Lift procedure safely and instantly lifts up loose skin on the face, neck and the body with minimal downtime.*



As we age, our facial support structures weaken, we lose facial fat / volume and there is a separation and redistribution of our facial fat pads. The effects of gravity become more noticeable with age making our faces appear more "square shaped" and less "V- shaped."  The areas that are generally affected are the eyebrows, areas around the eyes, the cheeks, the jowls and the neck.  With a PDO Thread Lift the tissues are lifted and repositioned  to recreate that “V-shape” where it’s been lost. 


A PDO thread lift is a minimally invasive procedure that helps tighten the skin. Without the need for big incisions, unlike most facelift procedures, PDO thread lifting uses small needles to insert fine threads under the skin. These PDO threads are especially designed to anchor the sagging skin and lift it upwards. The threads also stimulate collagen production, which further diminishes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


The threads used are made of polydioxanone (PDO). PDO threads are a safe and inert substance to the body. PDO sutures have been used in surgery for many years. Here at Connecticut medical Aesthetics, we exclusively use PDO Max Threads, which are fully FDA cleared products.

Different areas of the face are treated with different lengths/ types of threads. Short strands of threads can be used to treat fine lines around the eyes, and thicker strands can be injected into the cheek area or jaw line. The body naturally absorbs the threads in several months and build collagen 360 degrees around the thread. These threads are extremely versatile and can be used all around the face and neck, typically for drooping cheeks, sagging jawline and neck folds.


Research has shown that PDO stimulates new collagen production in the skin. A lifted appearance can be seen immediately following the treatment; however, the results will continue to improve in the following days and weeks as the PDO stimulates neocollagenesis, which in turn produces collagen.


The overall texture of the skin is improved; it becomes thicker, tighter and firmer. Threads are also known to improve open pores, fine lines and diminish wrinkles.


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