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(Platlet Rich Plasma)

What is SELPHYL?

Selphyl® is a natural filler. Unlike its counterparts like Botox® or Juvederm®, Selphyl® uses the patient’s own blood to stimulate collagen production and cell proliferation. Using the Selphyl® System produces platelet rich fibrin matrix (PRFM) from the patient’s own blood. Platelet rich plasma stimulates collagen production and cell proliferation, increasing volume and improving the appearance and texture of skin.

Selphyl PRP-PRFM

Selphyl vs. Face Lift
Selphyl does not replace a face lift procedure, but it can delay surgery for patients with minimal to moderate signs of aging.

Selphyl is ideal for patients who want to:

  • Restore lost volume, particularly in the lower face and around the eyes

  • Improve the appearance of acne scars or other scars

  • Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles

  • Improve the tone or texture of skin

How long does the Selphyl procedure take?
The entire procedure takes about 30 minutes and is performed in one of our comfortable cosmetic treatment centers.

How many treatments are needed?
The number of treatments can vary based on your individual needs and goals. Most patients will achieve optimal results with a series of one to three injection sessions spaced from four to six weeks apart.

Are there any side effects of Selphyl?
There have been no known side effects reported to date. Some patients may experience some mild irritation, swelling, bruising, itching, discoloration or tenderness at the injection sites. These are temporary conditions and typically resolve within two days.

How long do Selphyl treatment last?
The longevity of the results of Selphyl treatments vary based on the extent of the procedure, areas treated, and number of sessions.

Can anyone be allergic to Selphyl?
There is virtually no risk of allergic reaction and no allergic reactions have been reported to date. The Selphyl System is used to rapidly collect and isolate a patient’s own PRP for injection and contains no animal or synthetic products.


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