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Selphyl® Platelet-Rich Fibrin Matrix System (PRFM)

Improve the fullness of your hair without surgery. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) for hair restoration involves the injection of your own platelets into the vascular layer of your scalp.


PRP for Hair Regrowth:

  • Increases blood supply to your hair follicle

  • Increases the shaft size (thickness) of your hair

  • Triggers and maintains the growth phase of your hair

  • Decreases your hair loss

The Selphyl® System is designed for the safe and rapid preparation of Platelet-rich Fibrin Matrix (PRFM) from a small sample of blood at the patient point of care. Many PRP systems require operator skill, have varying results and have extensive contamination with red blood cells and white blood cells. Selphyl® removes virtually all contaminating cells and is independent of operator technique. PRP is converted to PRFM through a controlled process, creating a scaffold that serves to protect and preserve platelets.


Think of Selphyl® PRFM as the next generation PRP.


Platelets and other components in human blood migrate to a site of injury. Platelets are known to release a variety of growth factors that respond to tissue injury, where they initiate and promote healing. By concentrating platelets at the site of injury, physicians have the potential to enhance the body’s natural capacity for healing.


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