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Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis can be used to treat many different issues and is the perfect “lunch-time” procedure to improve Facial Redness, Fine Lines & Wrinkles,  Large Pores,  Rough Skin Texture, uneven skin tone, acne scarring and scars from trauma, surgery or burns. This heat-based laser stimulates the body’s natural healing processes to boost collagen growth resulting in a more youthful glow.

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How does Laser Genesis Work?

Laser Genesis stimulates new skin cell growth and collagen production which smooths fine lines; shrinks pore size; evens out rough skin texture; and fades scarring.  This zero down-time laser procedure also closes down the tiny veins and capillaries that cause persistent redness of the skin. Most of our clients begin to see an improvement in their skin after halfway through their treatment series (after about 3 or 4 treatments).  For optimal results most people need 5-10 treatments.

Who Is/Is Not a Good Candidate?

All skin types and Fitzpatrick levels can be treated with Laser Genesis.


How many Laser Genesis treatments do I need?

Laser Genesis does require multiple treatments for optimal results, with a healthy minimum being three sessions, four or so weeks apart. Depending on the desired results, upwards of nine treatments may be recommended.


Where on the body can Laser Genesis be used?

Face. Neck. Chest.


What are the common Side-Effects?

The most common side effect of Laser genesis is beautiful skin!  There are few if any common side effects of Laser Genesis other than pinkness of the skin (resembling a healthy glow), which typically resolves immediately but can last up to 2 hours.


Is Laser Genesis painful?

Laser Genesis is not painful, but most clients report feeling a warm tingling during the treatment. Many find the treatment rather soothing.


How Long is the Laser Genesis Appointment?

Most Laser Genesis treatments take about thirty minutes, but are dependent on the number of areas being treated.


How long do the Results of Laser Genesis last?

Longevity of results are varied from person to person with most people having sustained results for up to 12 months. The duration of results is greatly influenced by your lifestyle, sun exposure, diet, and the use of proper skin care products.  You can greatly extend the results by observing the following:

  • Always protect your skin with an SPF 50 broad spectrum sunblock (year around)

  • Daily and year around use of a medical grade skin care regimen.

  • Not smoking or drinking excessive alcohol

  • Eating a healthy balanced diet

  • Regular exercise

  • Doing a single booster or maintenance treatment every 6 to 12 months


Preparing for Your Laser Genesis Appointment

Prior to the Laser Genesis treatment, the skin is thoroughly cleaned. Once the skin is clean and dry can then begin the treatment. We recommend that you come to the office with a clean, make-up free face if possible.


Post Treatment Expectations for Laser Genesis

After a Laser Genesis treatment, clients can return to normal activity. There is no down time at all. Some clients may experience a temporary redness, which will dissipate that same day.


What is the cost of Laser Genesis?

The cost is based on the size of the area to be treated, the severity of the issue of concern and the number of treatments needed to address your specific issue.  Most people need a series of at least 5 treatments to obtain optimal results.  Treatments are done every 4 weeks.  An exact quote of cost and number of treatments needed to treat your specific issue will be provided at your consultation, after we have had an opportunity to do a complete assessment of your skin.


Cost/Payment Options for Laser Genesis?

At Connecticut Medical Aesthetics we recognize your needs are unique. Therefore, we offer all patients a complimentary Skin Analysis to assess the treatment options and combinations that will give you the best, ultimate outcome. We do offer package pricing, which allows for greater affordability to see a full treatment plan through. Regarding payment, we have various options to fit your needs. We accept cash, debit cards, and all major credit cards.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Photos courtesy of David Goldberg, MD

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