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Laser hair removal has been among the top non-surgical procedures for more than two decades, according to the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. Due to its long-standing consumer popularity, hair removal is an entry point to the aesthetic market for new and existing aesthetic providers.

Cutera’s Hair Removal Solutions

We are proud to offer Cutera xeo ProWave device that is capable of far more effective hair removal in skin types 1 to 4.  ProWave Laser hair removal has been designed and perfected over the years as a fully-developed procedure that yields long-term hair reduction and removal of the face and the rest of the body.

In addition to the ProWave the Cutera xeo laser includes the Nd YAG handpiece, which is also effective at hair removal.  With the capability of a smaller spot size, restricted body areas can be treated more precisely.


We are committed to utilizing the latest technological innovations in skincare and beauty. We can offer treatment for any skin type and hair color, with the exception of gray or white.  With the combined handpiece technology of ProWave and Nd YAG, we are able to rapidly and effectively treat all skin types and areas of the body.  For long term hair removal, you will achieve desirable results in as little as four to six treatments.

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